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Plant Identification,
Photography and Plant Selection

Plant Identification Services

Bangalay Botanical Surveys has extensive experience in plant identification and provide a service to the public, government departments, naturalists and allied professionals. We have expertise in native plant identification, weed identification and horticultural/ cultivated plants and provide advice about appropriate control of weed species. Refer to the contact page for enquiries relating to your plant identification needs.

Nature Photography

Bangalay has conducted a number of photographic projects and audits and maintains a photographic library of thousands of images. Combined with our demonstrated skills and experience in GIS technology, we are able to provide geo-referenced imagery, enabling the user to see where images were taken: this has obvious benefits and uses in many fields, including locations of threatened species, monitoring of revegetation projects and monitoring and auditing environmental impacts. Please contact us for further details.

Site Inventory

Bangalay Botanical Surveys can plan, design and undertake photographic inventories. These can be tailored to suit client and site requirements, and may take the form of a stand-alone record of the original condition of a site and subsequent changes to it, as a record of specific aspects of the site (e.g. threatened species monitoring), or as part of a more comprehensive site monitoring and auditing programme. Additionally, landholders may simply be interested in knowing more about what plant species occur on their site or in their area.

Plant Selection

Bangalay Botanical Surveys can establish planting lists which are conducive to environmentally sensitive outcomes without compromising environmental and bushfire management objectives.


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