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Research on Threatened Species Distributions

GIS Platforms

We have current experience and training in recognised industry standard GIS platforms including MapInfo and ArcGIS.

Vegetation Community Classification and Mapping

We provide classification and GIS-based mapping of vegetation at a variety of scales, at scales ranging from individual sites to LGA-wide. Community classification is based on analysis of standardised plot data using accepted statistical packages. Vegetation community mapping can be tailored to suit particular client needs: for example the end product can be adapted to focus on vegetation condition, weed mapping or threatened ecological community distribution.

We can also provide GIS-based vegetation mapping that is incorporated into particular aspects of site management planning (e.g. for ecologically-sensitive bushfire planning).

Research on Threatened Species Distributions

We are currently working on a research project to identify a means of estimating the probability of the presence of a cryptic threatened species using multivariate analysis; we anticipate that after rigorous testing of the hypothesis posed that the methods described can be extended to other threatened cryptic plant species. This will be of particular value in delineating habitats for those species which are subject to significant threat from development and other land-use pressures.

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