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Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment

Bangalay Botanical Surveys have extensive experience in conducting flora and fauna surveys throughout New South Wales. We are capable of producing both stand-alone reports and the technical components for larger, broad-scale documents including REF’s and EIS’s.

We have proven skills in survey design, statistical analysis, general and species-specific surveys, threatened species surveys, habitat assessment and impact assessment. We are capable of designing and conducting surveys for entire local government areas as well as small scale sites.

We are able to call on a number of experts for technical input in specialist fields including fauna (general zoological surveys, herpetology, ornithology), soil science and geology.

Bangalay Botanical Surveys are also Accredited BioBanking Assessors, capable of undertaking surveys and assessments of sites in accordance with the BioBanking Assessment methods. Please visit the relevant section of this website for further details.

Arboricultural Studies

Bangalay Botanical Surveys has extensive experience in offering clients a range of technical arboricultural reports. These reports can include information on the state of health of individual trees to helping to plan development on sites where existing trees are to be retained. We can provide Safe Useful Life Expectancy (SULE) reports where required by consent authorities, as well as advice on species selection and planting design.

We abide by the codes of conduct of nationally and internationally recognised arboricultural organisations such as the International Society of Arborists (Australian Chapter) (ISAAC) and the National Arborists Association of Australia (NAAA).

Pre-purchase Land Surveys

As part of our commitment to preserving our natural heritage, Bangalay Botanical Surveys encourages landowners to consider pre-purchase land surveys and/or constraints surveys before finalising the layout of a development or a project.

These surveys (sometimes called land capability surveys or constraints analysis studies) are designed to ensure the most sustainable use of the land, and to discover and discuss alternative site design and layout configurations that allow for the siting of new developments in an environmentally-sympathetic manner.


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